For city dwellers, any opportunity to get close to nature is priceless. What if you could experience the serenity of nature at will in our own beautiful farmhouse? Invest in a farmhouse at Jain Farms to make this dream come true.

Jain Farms offers you a chance to live in the lap of nature every weekend or even everyday if you so wish! You can try your hand at organic farming and experience the joy of growing your own vegetables. We have more than 100 Farmhouses already constructed and we custom design and build the Farmhouses as per your requirement.

Owning your own farmhouse so close to the city is certainly a delightful lifestyle experience; but it also makes a thoughtful investment decision. Farmlands close to the city typically appreciate in value quite quickly. So, you have your cake (or vegetables) and eat it too!

Experience beautiful farmhouse
100+ Farmhouses
Custom design as per your requirement
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