The beautiful hill town of Kodaikanal in the state of Tamil Nadu has emerged as a popular tourist destination. With its many attractions such as its famous star-shaped lake, beautiful scenic viewpoints and evergreen forests, it makes for a wonderful and relaxing destination.

Jain Farms offers you the opportunity to further enhance your Kodai experience by investing in a farm land just 8 Km from Kodai Lake. With about150 acres of lush green farms that can be cultivated to grow a variety of crops including local varieties such as pumpkins, radish and chillies, the Kodai farmlands of Jain Farms can be every aspiring farmer’s dream come true.

Enjoy the scenic surroundings and quaint life style in the comfort of your own farmhouse. Not only does this allow you to experience the beauty of hill station living to the fullest, it also makes great investment sense. Based on past trends, the farm land will only appreciate in value over time.

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