I am a green person by heart. I love flora fauna. To save our environment its necessary that we grow as many plants as possible. I have always lived in a house surrounded by trees that's the reason we bought the farmland.

Ms. Anita Prasad

We purchased the farmland in Jain Farms for weekend home. We always dreamt of having a house (around 1/2 acre or more). Good landscape and surrounded by various trees so that we can grow the vegetables and fruits within the compound. This is not possible in Bangalore city and further. We are looking forward to invest in Jain Farms new farmland project in near future due to buy 1 acre+plot for organic farming.

PL Saraswati

After working long years in corporate world and staying in pigeonholes, we wanted a small piece of land for later years. To have an open screen space of our own. With buying farmland we can also engage in self satisfying work like growing vegetables, fruit tress etc. Nothing like tasting mangoes from own orchard which we have been enjoying... The sole choice we zeroed on was Jain Farms because of our entire buying experience, genuinity shown by Ms. Nalini, upkeep quality of the sites, justified pricing, qualified team for maintenance etc.

Ponnu Subramanian

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